Installing with Nix

Follow these steps to install Quickstrom using Nix.


  • Nix (see for installation instructions and guides)

Installing with Nix

To install the quickstrom executable, use Cachix and Nix to get the executable:

$ cachix use quickstrom
$ nix-env -iA quickstrom -f

If you’re on Darwin, you’re probably going to have problems with Firefox and Chrome from nixpkgs. You can exclude browsers from the Quickstrom environment and provide them on your own, e.g. through Homebrew. If you want to do this, override it with this command:

$ nix-env -iA quickstrom -f \
    --arg includeBrowsers false

Verify that Quickstrom is now available in your environment:

$ quickstrom --help

You’re now ready to check webapps using Quickstrom.