After a Quickstrom check completes, one or more reporters run. They report the result of the check in different formats. The following reporters are available:

  • console

  • html

Invoke reporters by passing the --reporter=<NAME> option to the check command.


The console reporter is invoked by default. It prints a trace and summary to the console when a check fails. The trace contains information about the state of queried elements at each state in the behavior, along with the actions taken by Quickstrom.


The HTML reporter creates a report for web browsers in a given directory. The report is an interactive troubleshooting tool based on state transitions, showing screenshots and overlayed state information for the queried elements.

To set the directory to generate the report in, use the option --html-report-directory=<DIR>.

The HTML report directory must be served through an HTTP server in order to avoid problems with CORS. If you have Python 3 installed, serve it with the following command:

$ python3 -m http.server -d <DIR>